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Abstract art is a visualization of color and form, an artwork independent from references to the real world. Most of the traditional art is tied to logic and depicts reality as we perceive it.

Since the invention of the photo camera, the art realm was in search of a next strong trend that today we call abstract art. Another explanation for the growing prevalence of the abstract in modern art – is the society response to, and a reflection of, the growing abstraction of social relations nowadays. Abstract art has a history of a century and has proved to be a long-term trend. Most of the people accept the idea of this art having a positive effect, however, most do not understand why.

An expression connecting the feelings and vibes than the usual perception of realism. Abstract painting is a non-figurative art it is not either objective or representational. The viewer perception is one of departure from the imagery of reality. It places your mind in a continuum of energetic inflow or outflow. Some partially abstract works could keep you in the conscious realm however total abstraction has no connection to our knowledge. We could divide abstraction into geometric, figurative or representational. Among art movements to embody abstraction one easily can identify fauvism and cubism.

One could say abstract art is artists drawing how they feel. Famous Abstract Artists Abstraction is not about making copies of real life either about giving the impression. In fact, depending on the artists, abstraction became about the process itself. Below are the most famous abstract artists and their work: